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By Niki Bruce
13 Jul 2018

A harmonious mix of white onyx and ruby, this ring could help purify negative energy

The Harmony ring has special significance in the month of July because its central stone is a ruby, the birthstone for this month.

A harmonious mix of white onyx and ruby, this ring will help purify negative energy fine jewellery

With the design of the Harmony onyx and ruby ring, we wanted to create a piece of jewellery that would showcase the bold blood-red colour of the ruby gemstone and decided that the best way to do so was to have it set against a white background. That is where the idea of hand carving onyx and setting the ruby into the onyx stone came about – it provides a pristine setting for the central stone.

Interestingly, white onyx is believed to have properties which purify negative energies and remove feelings of sadness or anxiety from the person wearing it. It is also said to strengthen the owner’s mental power and help keep focused and on track.

When combined with the many properties of ruby, such as increasing self-confidence and giving the power to follow through with ideas and create what you have been dreaming of, if you are a believer in lithotherapy, this ring sure packs a high-vibe positive punch!

And for those wondering what lithotherapy is – it’s an alternative system of medicine that uses the energy and colours of stones to harmonize the body. Stones and minerals are believed by many to have vibrations and qualities that can help remove physical and psychological stress.

The name lithotherapy comes from the Greek words lithos (“stone”) and therapeia (“care”). Its literal meaning: “the method to care by the use of stones”.

Does it work or not? Who knows? To be honest, we would willingly take any excuse to wear this gorgeous ring!

The rose gold band set with brilliant cut diamonds, and the white gold bezel and claws around the ruby gives the ensemble a chic, stylish feel, and add a touch of contemporary to the organic mix of the ruby and the onyx. This ring is a new favourite for us!

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