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By Niki Bruce
23 Jun 2021

Gender-Fluid Jewellery: Inclusivity reshaping the world of jewels

Gender-fluid jewellery see the male and female sense of fashion blurring boundaries. This new-fangled design awareness was long overdue as we increasingly became curious and accepting of the other side. 

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The trend is certainly a big deal witnessed by Louis Vuitton’s introduction of a selection of unisex jewellery – the LV Volt collection. The collection featured the discernible LV initials on rings, bangles, pendants, and bracelets in both gold and silver. By presenting this range of unisex jewellery, the iconic brand is merely keeping pace with the times.

 Many independent labels and brands are following suit as they launch one collection after the other celebrating the efficacy and exquisiteness of genderless fashion. Gone are the days when we used to segregate and define jewellery or rather fashion, based on gender. When designed mindfully and meaningfully the same accessory can be worn by everyone, regardless of gender.

Trend alert

The popularity of gender-fluid jewellery has given rise to designers, specializing in personalised and handmade ornaments. The design ideas are diverse, and the use of elements is unique. Think of a moody mix of shells, beads, semi-precious stones, and pearls with traditional favourites like gold and silver. If you like something even more unconventional, hand-embroidered rings, and earrings add a touch of sophistication.

Gender-fluidity has been expressed beautifully in many forms of minimalism. Dainty yet statement-making, fluid minimalism has been welcomed by fashionistas all over the world. Lightweight and versatile, minimalist fluidity has been all the rage. Think non-binary pieces that are either completely size-agnostic or are available in a wide array of sizes while conforming to the design code of fluidity.

The versatility of gender-fluid jewellery relies on their individuality, and not on specific genders attributed to them. Beyond any gender, you may simply feel feminine, or on other days masculine. To each their own – this adage is best expressed in the immeasurable possibilities of fluid jewellery. Functionality and usability are the two key points driving the growing popularity of genderless gems.

This trend was started as well as celebrated by men who dared to push the envelope. The true champion of gender-fluid jewellery, they made remarkable fashion statements and did away with stereotypes. Men brought a fresh perspective in fashion expression that was immediately lapped up by everyone.

2021: The New Decade of Fluidity

Gender-fluid designs in brass, gold, and varied metals are flaunting a bold style aesthetic in 2021. Compared to vibrant singular statement pieces, buyers are flocking to easy-to-style ornaments. Natural diamonds, alternative gemstones, pearls in the forms of bracelets, stud earrings, collar pins, stud sets for tuxedos turned out to be some of the hottest trends. These adornments have seamlessly permeated into the fashion mainstream.  

Jewellery is the most preferred passionate investment having a lasting sentimental value. In their newest avatars, fashion jewellery with precious gemstones, and metals are progressively being favoured by customers. The demand dynamics are propping gender-fluid jewel investments on an upward journey. The demand for genderless jewellery has been growing steadily. It has become a movement of freedom of expression, which is aided by fashion as a vehicle.

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