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By Niki Bruce
23 Jun 2021

Gender-Fluid Jewellery: Beyond the boundaries of convention

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Fashion in all its avatars has become the platform for all things self-expression, and gender-fluid jewellery is following the trend. Global luxury and independent brands have been crafting genderless and unconventional designs, often with intricate detailing, to combine both feminine and masculine elements in ornaments having none of the preconceived beliefs of gender.

Gender-fluid jewellery: An endless variety

According to designers, gone are the days when straitjacketed notions of masculine and feminine dominated the industry. It’s time buyers and designers step away from such stereotypes. The idea of traditional beauty has been turned on its head. Think of a silver long-stemmed rose single earring, single ear cuff, a droplet topaz and silver necklace, nipple rings, and more. In their diverse shapes and sizes, a genderless jewellery celebrates individuality and personal identity without any socially forced filter. An integration of body, beauty, and identity takes gender-fluid jewellery to a whole new stratum of expression.

Jewellery without a gender

Sexuality and sensuality are beautifully intermingled in jewellery designed for every gender. These creations symbolise freedom from the bondage of measured and expected expressions. The best thing about genderless jewellery is its effortless flow from heavy to lightness. Chokers, rings, earrings – the forms and surprises are endless.

Another interesting aspect of gender-fluid jewellery is its versatility. You need not limit yourself to the boundaries of tradition. More often than not contemporary fluid jewellery is highly customisable, non-binary, and size agnostic. High-street or fine or even ultra-luxurious, fluid jewellery has found its home in the mind space of modern buyers.

Millennials and post-millennials have been the champion of genderless jewels. Genderless jewellery is the hottest new trend as it has taken the concept of accessorising to the next level. Modern and minimal designs with a touch of sophistication – fluid jewellery brings forth the real you hidden behind years of societal norms. A genderless design is meant not for a specific gender but the individual within.

This fluidity in our gender identity spectrum allows us control over how we choose to represent ourselves. Fashion is a powerful medium of self-expression enabling us to express ourselves inside on the outside. When it comes to dressing up, we must have the freedom not to conform to societal traditional gender constructs. A better tomorrow deserves to celebrate a more enlightened and unburdened us!

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