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By Niki Bruce
6 Aug 2020

Fine jewellery can be a sustainable asset

Fine jewellery as a sustainable asset, versus costume jewellery PEARLS ON STONES

When it comes to fine jewellery, we all face a tough task of choosing between the classic and the fashionable. The undeniable pull of trends is compelling enough to lead you into investing in pieces of fast fashion. 

However, the charm and fascination for the classic and elegant remains equally strong. These pieces are called classic, for a reason! This is too familiar and regular a conflict for a connoisseur to ignore. If you have been planning to organise your jewellery collection, keep in mind the appeal of timeless style. When a long term goal is your focus, investing in pieces of fine jewellery is a good idea.

Why should you focus on fine jewellery and not on costume jewellery?

The primary difference between fine and costume or fashion jewellery lies in the materials they use. Fine jewellery has traditionally concentrated on precious gemstones and expensive metals. Nonetheless, determining a piece of jewellery as either fine or fashion has become a little more difficult. 

Fine jewellery as a sustainable asset, versus costume jewellery BLACK PEARL RING

Many jewellery designers have chosen to incorporate extravagant elements in their creations and elevate every trendy, fashionable piece to the glorious heights of classic assets. A number of jewellery enthusiasts insist on a particular category known as ‘semi-fine’ that tries to blend the effervescence of fast fashion with the gravitas of precious materials. However, when jewellery is considered strictly from the financial perspective of assets, semi-fine jewellery fails to make the cut.

Fine jewellery as a sustainable asset, versus costume jewellery BLACK PEARL EARRINGS

Fashion jewellery tends to go out of style quite fast along with its glimmering patina. Chances are very high that you will be more likely to cherish a handful of fine jewellery items like diamond studs or a gold chain, handed down to you as family heirlooms.

Why is fine jewellery a sustainable asset?

A beautiful piece of diamond jewellery will last a lifetime and even multiple generations. Think of a gold chain studded with diamonds or flamboyant precious gemstones like rubies, emerald or sapphires. This vintage artefact of loveliness can be worn singularly to channel a classic vibe or, you can layer it up in a stunning mix of bohemian mismatched magic. However you style this gold chain, it remains a staple in a woman’s jewellery box.

Fine jewellery can be a sustainable asset TWO IMAGES

The idea of quality jewellery goes a notch higher when you think of bespoke jewellery. Appreciate the prettiness and subtlety of the pearl combined with the glamour of diamonds. Pearls and diamonds remain the timeless classical jewellery inspiration. Whether a single strand of pearls or a medley of pearls and diamonds in an earring, they complement a wide array of fashions born across the span of a century.  

Focus on the eternal appeal

Fine jewellery gives you another reason to focus more on the essence of quality than the redundancy of quantity. The best part about fine jewellery is its eternal appeal. It remains an essential in your wardrobe, thanks to its versatility and universality. From a little black dress to a formal official presentation, a classic piece of jewellery beautifully translates your style from ceremonious to intimate without an iota of deceit.

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