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By Rohizan Wahab
4 Apr 2018

Why you should buy handcrafted jewellery

expert tips why buy handcrafted bespoke fine jewellery singapore

SINGAPORE: Everywhere you go these days, jewellery is available. It’s easy to find and often highly affordable, making it simple to follow global trends. Why then do we at The Jewel Box insist on handcrafting bespoke jewellery? Hasn’t the time for that passed?

In short, no. When you buy jewellery that is mass produced that means your look, which is the most fundamental way of expressing yourself, is mass produced. And in a world where everything is accessible to everyone, anywhere, at any time, with just a click of a mouse, we believe it is more important than ever to retain our individuality, and help our clients to do the same.

30 years of experience in handcrafted fine jewellery
Choosing to have your jewellery handmade by The Jewel Box also means that you are privy to over 30 years of experienced craftsmanship. Did you know that mass-produced, so-called ‘handmade’ jewellery is often made in facilities operating on a quota systems? This means that unfortunately speed over quality is incentivised, resulting in short cuts and lower quality jewellery.

At The Jewel Box, every piece is handmade by our Master Craftsmen, using traditional and modern jewellery techniques and only the most precious metals and finest quality stones. We combine vision and imagination to create unique pieces just for you.

Unique bespoke jewellery just for you
Think of the joy of knowing that you own something which no other person on the planet has –  that it is unique to you, and only you. At The Jewel Box we believe that it is important to honour that individuality as often as possible in your personal style. We specialise in making only bespoke and handcrafted jewellery – pieces that are as unusual as the people who choose to wear them.

Bespoke handcrafted jewellery are personalised pieces created in a collaboration between you and our craftsmen. It is a way to create your special masterpiece that will mirror your personality and taste.

This allows your imagination to take flight, adding an extra twist here or an sprinkle of diamonds there, resulting in extraordinary, one-of-a-kind, heirloom-quality jewellery pieces that resonate with your personal stories, achievements and dreams. We turn your passions into reality.

If you’re interested in seeing more examples of our handcrafted jewellery pieces, check out our Masterpieces.

To experience The Jewel Box private jewellery atelier in Singapore, call +65 6733 4100. For more information about the bespoke service that’s available in Singapore, click HERE.

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