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By Niki Bruce
8 Jun 2020

Expert tips on how to create a diamond buying budget

Diamond buying for the first time can be a little bit overwhelming. You really need to do some research before you hand over your hard-earned cash. Even if you do your research you may still feel confused about what diamond to choose and how much you should spend. Here are some expert tips on how to not only ensure you don’t overspend on your diamond buying budget, but that you also get excellent value for your money.

Expert tips on how to create a diamond buying budget RINGS

Fixing your diamond buying budget

When looking to buy a diamond, you will find that they are priced differently owing to various reasons, however these reasons should not influence how you set your budget. For example, don’t go diamond shopping looking for a ‘1 carat’ diamond, and then find yourself spending more than you can afford. You should set your diamond buying budget based on your savings or lifestyle and then choose a ring that fits your budget. 

The four Cs play a very important role in determining the price of diamonds. A diamond that has an excellent cut and clarity and weighs more than 2 carats is definitely going to cost more than a diamond that weighs the same but has lower grade cut and clarity. So, before you pick a piece of jewellery, it is best that you do your online research.


The more research you do, you will find that the price of diamonds increases by the carat. So, if you do plan to save some money and yet not compromise too much on the carat size, then you should perhaps consider buying shy of 1.5 carats. You could buy 1.4 carats and pay a significantly less amount of money while picking a diamond not much smaller than a 1.5 carat stone. 


You must understand that carat and size is not the same thing. If you want to determine how big or small a diamond looks to the naked eye, you must focus on its diameter. A square shaped diamond may appear much larger than its actual carat size, while the oval cut, as well as marquise cut diamonds look even bigger compared to their round counterparts.

Cut quality

Cut quality also determines the overall look of a diamond. A stone with very good cut quality reflects more light at the top which makes it look bigger compared to one with a lower cut quality. You may choose from Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair as well as Poor levels of diamond cuts. 

Colour Grade

The best colour grade to pick is white. You may even pick one between the G to I range. This range has diamonds that appear white but are not, and therefore cost far less. However, you must also keep in mind the shape of the diamond because how that diamond reflects light depends on its shape and cut. So, pick a shape that fits your diamond buying budget as well. 

Expert tips on how to create a diamond buying budget LOOSE DIAMONDS

Having considered all the above-mentioned factors, if you still think that you are on a tighter budget than you imagined, perhaps you may have to reconsider the size and weight of the precious stone you want to buy. If you choose to buy a diamond of less than a carat, choose one with a good cut but lower colour as well as clarity grade and you find the perfect price that you are looking for. 

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