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By Niki Bruce
9 Feb 2021

Discover the stunning beauty of the teal sapphire 

 The teal sapphire is an extraordinary variety of gemstone that belongs to the corundum family. It presents a divine combination of mother nature’s two most arresting hues – the lively green of plants and mesmerising oceanic blue. 

the jewel box Singapore teal sapphire 3 STONES

This incredible mix of everyone’s favourite colours is why specialist jewellery designers consider this unique gemstone as the next big thing in the world of sapphires. As teal sapphires are comparatively new to the jewellery market, information about them is still limited.

the jewel box Singapore teal sapphire PARTI TEAL

Parti sapphires, or polychrome sapphires, exhibit more than one hue in a single gemstone. The most familiar bi-colour amalgamation features yellow and green. The rarer stones displaying lavender, purple or blue colours or even tri-colour combinations are particularly valued. Gemstone trends point to the admiration of this intriguingly new type of sapphire. It promises to be an ideal solitaire material for stunning engagement rings.

Teal sapphires versus parti sapphires

The alluring teal sapphires have a marine mix of green and blue. This broad description is vastly subjective and can be confused with aqua and cyan. Teal sapphires showcase a gradient of hues with varying degrees of green, blue, grey and yellow. Some jewellers mistake these gems as parti sapphires, however, it must be remembered that “parti” represents partition; the colours in such specimens are isolated into clear colour zoning bands. This clear distinction doesn’t appear in teal sapphires.

the jewel box Singapore teal sapphire PARTI

Teal sapphires have near equivalent or equivalent composition of primary shades i.e., green and blue with tinges of yellow, depending on the cut of the gem as well as reflection of light within. The most expensive teal sapphire possesses a clear 50-50 green and blue composition. This ideal colour distribution gives birth to an aqua-like, sublime colour.

Parti sapphires are one of the trendsetters in the global gemstone colour palette. Rare specimens of bluish-green parti sapphires from Australia and Montana, US, have been climbing the popularity charts and are highly prized. These stones require trained custom cuts to beautifully accentuate their clear colour zoning. This colour variety aligns perfectly with the global demand for natural, sensational, unique-looking gemstones.

the jewel box Singapore teal sapphire ROUGH

The main three varieties and prime sources of parti sapphires are obtained from Australia, Montana in the United States, and Kenya. The Montana specimens were perhaps the first to be identified and classified as a different variety from teal sapphires. Montana parti sapphires are prominent for their dramatic shading. Australia is regarded as the most prolific producer of parti sapphires, thanks to its predominantly mechanised, and ethical mining operations.

Where does the teal sapphire colour come from

The origination of parti sapphires comes from its colouration. The existence of trace elements offers these gemstones their unusual colouring. Montana sapphires feature rare blues whereas Kenyan sapphires show greener than the electric yellow of Australian parti sapphires.

Both these alluring gemstones, teal sapphires and parti coloured sapphires, showcase an assortment of distinctive shades. These gemstones offer a beautiful balance of green, blue, yellow, and lavender. From contemporary to vintage-inspired, the vibrance of both teal and parti sapphires suits every possible style of engagement rings.

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