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By Niki Bruce
30 Jan 2020

Coloured gemstone engagement rings are the latest jewellery trend

Coloured gemstone engagement rings are beginning to take over from the more traditional clear diamond ring for lots of young couples. There are already a huge number of fabulous gemstones to choose from, many of which have their own romantic references and meanings, making choosing one more meaningful for many couples. Rubies, emeralds and sapphires all have their own attractions, but less well-known stones like aquamarine have also become popular. 

Coloured gemstone engagement ring RUBY

Coloured gemstone engagement rings can really make a statement.

Kate Middleton’s sapphire engagement ring started a trend, which was followed by Megan Markle’s aquamarine engagement ring, and then Blake Lively’s pink diamond engagement ring. Coloured gemstone engagement rings have definitely become a thing.

Why are coloured gemstone engagement rings so attractive?

Coloured gemstone engagement rings are a fantastic way to show off your personality, and are also a way to add extra meaning to your engagement. 

Coloured gemstone engagement ring SAPPHIRE

Coloured gemstone engagement rings can also be set with diamonds for extra bling!

Some gemstones also have historic symbolism and can be associated with virtues like sincerity, truth, faithfulness, loyalty and so on. Coloured stones can also be used to create acrostic jewellery, where a secret message can be spelt out using various gemstones – the first letter of each gemstone creates the message. 

Realistically, coloured gemstones can also be less expensive than diamonds, particularly by size, so if you want a statement engagement ring, a large coloured gemstone can make an impact. You can also use various coloured gemstones in combination with diamonds to create a personalised and unique engagement ring. 

What to consider before buying a coloured gemstone engagement ring

Let us take a look at what exactly you should consider when purchasing a coloured gemstone engagement ring:

  • Colour: Quite naturally, this features first in the list of considerations. If you are a diamond person, you can choose a yellow diamond, or a pink diamond – if you can afford one! If you want to choose another gemstone, there are many beautiful stones to choose from like rubies, sapphires – including pink sapphires – and emeralds. You could choose your birthstone, or go for something more unusual like Alexandrite, Aquamarine, Tourmaline or Garnet.
Coloured gemstone engagement ring COLOURED RINGS

Coloured gemstone engagement rings can be made from precious stones like rubies, sapphires, emeralds and yellow diamonds.

  • Engraving: Wedding vows are where you can express yourself and your love to your spouse but engraving your coloured gemstone engagement ring would be just as romantic. Engraving your coloured gemstone engagement ring with your wedding vows is a lasting statement of your love. You can add anything to your ring, like a line from a song that both of you love, or a word that is significant for you. 
  • Custom design: If you want to add another personal touch to your engagement ring, you could have it custom made. Use your partner’s birthstone and pick a style that they love. Not only will it show how much you love them, it will also show off all the thought you put into choosing the perfect engagement ring.  
  • Quality and rarity: Just as high quality diamonds are rare, so are high quality coloured gemstones. This is why people pay good money to buy these rare beauties. You may want to shop around a little to compare different gemstones and to check if the quality of the gem you chose is really worth the money you are paying. 

How durable are coloured gemstone engagement rings?

You will be wearing your engagement ring everyday so you need an engagement ring that can withstand all kinds of wear and tear. Your ring may be exposed to household chemicals or heat or temperature changes. 

Under these circumstances many gemstones may chip, crack or even break. How your gemstone reacts to these stressors will determine its stability as well as durability. Stones like amethyst and topaz, if exposed to light for long may lose their colour or fade over time, so do keep this in mind when choosing your coloured gemstone engagement ring. 

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