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By Niki Bruce
23 Jun 2021

Best everyday hoop earrings to enhance your look

Singapore jewellery Best everyday hoop earrings to enhance your look 1

Even though jewelry trends may come and go, hoop earrings have been in vogue for years. Hoop earrings can be worn with all kinds of outfits. They can be subtle as well as statement-making depending on what they are paired with. There are the regular sleek hoop earrings and then there are the ones studded with stones. Traditional hoops come in various sizes and are undoubtedly the most popular ones. Also, they are a perfect fit for all age groups. 

The most popular types of hoop earrings 

Traditional Hoops: Just as the combination of blue denims and white shirts can never go out of fashion, similarly gold hoop earrings will continue to be in vogue come what may. These earrings can even make a relatively dull outfit seem bright. These can be paired with any casual outfit. They are incredibly lightweight and therefore you can wear them all day long. Many consider it to be the hipster look, especially when paired with red lips. You should be particularly careful of how you style your hair when you are wearing these earrings. You should tie your hair in a way that the earrings become the highlight of your look.

Stone-Studded Hoops: Then there are the gold hoop earrings that come studded with small stones. These are made of brass and are most often engraved with Zirconia stones. You can team them up with evening wear like gowns and dresses.

Small Hoops: If you are not in the mood to wear the big hoops, you can surely settle for the small hoop earrings. These are again part of everyday wear and go with casual outfits.

Geometric Hoops: There are numerous designs to choose from when it comes to hoops. You can pick up the modern hoops that come in geometrical shapes. These are perfect for your party looks as they are minimalist yet extremely versatile. These surely enhance your look. 

Disproportionate Hoops: There are also disproportionate hoops that will make you stand out in a crowd. These are statement pieces. Fashion designers particularly favour them as the models wear them with confidence while walking on the ramp.

What should you keep in mind while selecting hoops? 

You should consider the weight of the hoops while buying. If you have to wear it for a long period, then the weight factor is all the more important. For many, hoops are go-to wear, and therefore choosing a lightweight pair of hoops is a must. The two most popular types of hoop earring closures are continuous/endless and hinged. 

When it comes to metal, everyone has their favourite. While some favour the classic yellow gold look, others like rose gold. White gold and sterling silver are also preferred by some.

Hoops come in a variety of sizes. From the ones that almost stick to your ear to the ones whose bottom part dangles close to your neck, you can choose from a range of options depending upon your preference. 

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