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By Rohizan Wahab
12 Apr 2018

Is bespoke fine jewellery very expensive?

bespoke fine jewellery jewel box singapore

SINGAPORE: Personalised services and bespoke fine jewellery sound expensive; but is it really very expensive to work with a private jeweller?

Contrary to some belief, working with the team at The Jewel Box is not something reserved only for the elite. Private jewellers strive to understand their customer and then offer them personalised services based on these requirements.

Purchasing jewellery directly from a private jeweller is actually less expensive than you might imagine. A private jeweller does not have the carrying costs, overheads or branding expenses of a retailer and no sales commissions to pay.

You need to make a distinction between higher price points and ‘more expensive’. It is true that when you visit a private jeweller, you can expect to spend more; however, comparing product for product (assuming this was possible because the private jeweller’s specialty is one-of-a-kind jewellery), the private jeweller would certainly be less costly.

The Jewel Box works with all price ranges, but it helps to know from the onset if the customer has a particular price point in mind.

“We have people come in and say, ‘My budget is $50,000 — what do you have?’ Our priority is to find out if they really need to spend that amount to get what they want,” explains founder Vinod More.

“We’ve sent people off spending much less. We asked our client, ‘What’s more important — spending the full $50,000 or getting something that’s right, even though it may cost much less?’

“For instance, a client wanted a 5-carat diamond engagement ring. But we found that the fiancee’s finger was very narrow, and a 5-carat diamond would have looked very awkward on her hand. So, we offered him several other suggestions, and he left appreciating the approach,” says Vinod.

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To experience The Jewel Box private jewellery atelier in Singapore, call +65 6733 4100. For more information about the bespoke service that’s available in Singapore, click here.

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