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By The Jewel Box
7 Nov 2017

Jewellery trends: A blast from the past

A blast from the past (Jewellery Trends) - Chartreuese jade ring from The Jewel Box

In this fashion inspired industry, change is the only constant. Jewellery trends change so swiftly that once you catch onto a fashion wave, a new one hits you.

In attempt of keeping up with the styles, we end up with a trove of jewellery, be they classic, contemporary, colourful or dramatic. At the end of it all, we ask ourselves, what next? Then we ask the designers and the fashion magazines.

But why don’t we ask our mums?

If you think your mum is old fashioned, think again. Suave jewellery houses often look to the past for trends our mothers used to wear. The jewels they used to flaunt are the source of inspiration for future jewellery trends and designs, often coming back to steal the limelight of fashion runways.

Elegant designs such as chandelier earrings and strand necklaces with pearl or brilliant cut diamonds are popular. Tribal and antique jewellery are also favoured.

Besides being an accessory to changing fashion trends, jewellery can be an object of value across generations. Brides and their heirloom engagement and wedding rings. Grooms wearing precious cufflinks for their big day, with the intention to hand them down later.

Jewellery is a versatile thing of beauty and desirability, even increasingly so as time goes by. The next opportunity you come across old pieces, do not dismiss them. In fact, with some refurbishments here and there, the design and stones can be improvised, thus restoring their value. Who knows, your piece may become the next big thing!

If you have a charming old piece that you are curious about making it more you, bring it over to us. Centrally located within Singapore’s prime shopping district, The Jewel Box has been breathing life into tired jewellery, creating spectacular bespoke pieces and making dreams come true for over 30 years.

To create a bespoke piece of jewellery or redesign a family heirloom, call us on +65 6733 4100, or send us an email at Our atelier is open to customers, or we can organise a virtual appointment if you prefer. 

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