The Harmony Ruby and Onyx Ring

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The Harmony Ruby and Onyx Ring

  • $10,000.00

The Harmony Ruby and Onyx Ring, hand carved white onyx spectacularly showcases a bold blood red ruby set into the onyx itself, providing a pristine background for the central stone. Rose gold, set with round brilliant-set diamonds, creates a perfectly harmonious ring band. The Harmony Ruby and Onyx Ring could even help purify negative energy and keep you focused.

White onyx is believed to have properties which purify negative energies and remove feelings of sadness or anxiety from the person wearing it. It is also said to strengthen the owner’s mental power and help keep focused and on track.

The Harmony Ruby and Onyx Ring, rose gold band set with brilliant cut diamonds, and the white gold bezel and claws around the ruby gives the ensemble a chic, stylish feel, and add a touch of contemporary to the organic mix of the ruby and the onyx.

Reference No.: RN3356


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