The Dragon Jasper and Gold Ring

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The Dragon Jasper and Gold Ring

Fierce, bold and powerful, The Dragon Jasper and Gold Ring is made of 18k yellow gold and is for those who dare. Among animal spirit guides, Dragons are recognised as the most ancient and imposing. It is said that the Dragon is drawn to people of intellect, dignity and authority, and will guide such individuals towards brilliance, and even enlightenment.

Jasper is a type of Chalcedony and are named after their colours – like bloodstone, green or lemon; or from their pattern, like poppy or leopardskin. Jasper is a lovely stone for jewellery, it’s sturdy and takes an excellent polish. The perfect stone for our stunning Dragon Jasper and Gold Ring.

This amazing piece of jewellery is now with its proud owner. Call +65 6733 4100 to discuss creating your own version.

Reference No.: RN3183


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