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By Niki Bruce
21 Jan 2020

6 reasons why you should insure your engagement ring

When it comes to getting engaged and planning a wedding, not many people consider insuring that all-important engagement ring. 

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These days you don’t have to restrict yourself to choosing a white diamond for your engagement ring. You could choose a yellow diamond, a ruby, or a tanzanite.

However, investing in separate insurance for your jewellery may be a wise thing to do considering the amount of money spent on your engagement ring. It is more than likely that your home insurance will not provide adequate coverage, unless you made a deliberate choice to include the engagement ring. Most ordinary home insurance plans will only cover the loss of your engagement ring up to a certain cost – and this could be far from the actual cost. Plus, you need to factor in changes in the cost of gold or diamonds over the years since you bought the engagement ring originally.

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We also have some amazing brilliant white round diamond engagement rings.

You can either choose to top-up your home insurance to cover the full cost of your engagement ring, or you could look for an insurance company that has specialist jewellery insurance; this could be more helpful if you lose your engagement ring while you are not at home.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider insuring your engagement ring:

You want to protect your precious engagement ring

The most obvious and basic reason is because your engagement ring cost a lot of money, and will probably cost even more to replace it. Look for an insurance firm that not only covers the cost of the ring, but can also insure you so you can make a true replica in case of theft or loss.

You have to travel for work

If you are a frequent traveller, it is advisable that you get your engagement ring insured in case it falls off your finger or gets stolen. You may even be at risk of getting mugged in an unknown city. 

You are forgetful

As silly as this may sound, it can really become a nightmare if you forget where you have put you ring and end up losing it. Some people are clumsy and honestly, you cannot help it. So, if you keep losing stuff, it might be a good idea to get insurance for your engagement ring. 

Your job involves manual labor

If you work in an environment that is physically demanding, you might run the risk of damaging your engagement ring. In that case not having insurance would be devastating.

You have inherited an heirloom engagement ring

You may be the proud owner of an heirloom engagement ring but it can also be a bit overwhelming. All jewellery is subject to wear and tear but the pressure of keeping an heirloom engagement ring safe can be more than usual. Insurance companies that specialise in jewellery can also help you to insure your heirloom engagement ring against damage and general wear and tear.

You have a busy house

You may have kids or pets at home. If you have a busy house chances are that you may lose your ring running after your kids or while taking your pet out for a walk. Having your engagement ring insured could just save the day.

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