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By Niki Bruce
14 Oct 2020

3 popular engagement ring trends

When it comes to choosing your most important jewellery piece there are three popular engagement ring trends that always pop up.

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Whether you favour something uniquely untraditional or prefer a classic diamond solitaire, there is no dearth of fabulous engagement ring ideas. Here are the three most popular trends for an inspired one-of-a-kind engagement ring.

Antique Engagement Rings

Antique rings retain an aura of history and often family traditions. Taking a cue from bygone eras, antique or in most cases, antique-inspired engagement rings flaunt extensive design detailing. From intricate milgrain and filigree art to complex halos around a vintage cut diamond, the overall finesse of an antique ring sets it apart from modern designs.

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An antique engagement ring with Art Deco or Victorian flair will often feature a rather larger diamond. Unlike modern cuts that aim to maximise a diamond’s sparkle, vintage cuts were focused on maximising its carat weight.

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Taking a cue from these old-world charmers, you can repurpose a family heirloom, invest in estate jewellery, or choose a new ring with a vintage-inspired design. You can never go wrong with timeless and charismatic antique engagement rings.

Halo Engagement Rings

Halo rings never really went out of fashion. Newer design variations on popular themes have helped keep the halo style on top of the popularity charts. A central stone surrounded by a glamorous halo of sparkling smaller diamonds creates a radiant bubble. The halo design made a grand debut during the 1920s with Art Deco designs. Since then, it has witnessed many celebrated comebacks with design innovations.    

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Colourless diamonds are often paired with even more diamonds to deliver a dazzling sparkle. Halos also contribute to creating the appearance of a bigger centre stone. Feel free to bring in a touch of modernity by experimenting with the size of the central diamond and the number of encircling halos. Instead of opting for diamond on diamond, you may choose something more vibrant with sapphires, emeralds, and rubies. And in different shapes.

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The Halo ring, in its varying designs, remains a time-honoured favourite. This style offers a wide array of options to personalise your engagement ring.

Rose Gold Engagement Ring Trend

A rose gold ring is delicate, feminine, and flamboyant. A rose gold and diamond engagement ring is all about combining class with individuality. Irrespective of the central stone’s shape and colour, the soft, pinkish hue of rose gold will complement the overall design.

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Since its introduction in Russia during the earliest parts of the 19th century and then its rebirth with Cartier’s ‘Trinity Ring’, rose gold has again become a favourite with fashionistas. The subtle yet romantic tone of rose gold lends a vintage feel while the soft colour enhances the colour or colourlessness of the central gemstone.

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If intertwined with yellow or white gold, a two-tone rose gold engagement ring translates into an elegant yet exceptional piece of fine jewellery. Rose gold is consistently stylish and comparatively affordable compared to platinum. Apart from the design and setting, the pinkish shade of rose gold lends a touch of distinctiveness to the ring. At once classic yet modern, rose gold engagement rings make a beautiful yet gorgeous choice.

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